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End of February: Rain or Shine...progress in the arches

Happy Friday!🙂

We are back with some more updates!

First, we wanted to give a shoutout to our wonderful team of builders and joiners, and express our huge appreciation. They have been braving the (very) cold temperatures we have had these last couple of weeks, and have been on site every day, rain/snow or shine. Such hardworking people.

Now for some updates!

The last time we posted about the bar, it looked like this…

...We are excited to say that we have made progress there this week! Our joiners have been putting the cladding up on the side of the bar, which we are using reclaimed scaffold for. We think the various colours in the wood look great against the concrete flooring and autumnal browns and oranges of the brickwork. We will have more and more updates to share about the design of the bar in the next weeks so stay tuned...


Have a little stroll with Pippa as she takes us into the main arch, where the guys are working on the cladding for the bar, and then back out across the courtyard for a little surprise in Arch 540.

Some of you are already aware of Arch 540 from previous posts, but in case this is your first time having a gander through our refurb diaries, this arch will be a flexible open-plan space where caterers will be based during events.

We weren’t going to just put any old sink in there, and we are really pleased with how this concrete worktop looks in the arch, what do you think? (I didn’t think I could get excited by a worktop, but turns out I could)

Sink coming soon!


We have also made some good progress with the boxing-in of pipes and cables along the walls of the arches. We chose to use the reclaimed scaffold for this too, which will tie in with the other reclaimed wood around the venue.

We hope you enjoyed these little updates, we will be back with more soon, and in the meantime don't hesitate to reach out for our updated brochures and floor plans.

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