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First week of February: Progress in lockdown

Hello👋 Following the (mostly) sunny Friday we have just had, we thought it would be the perfect time to update our blog and share some little updates with you!

The Barrington team is working from home during this lockdown, eagerly waiting to get back to Brixton, but thankfully our builders are allowed to be on site and are continuing to make good progress with the refurb works.

We are also making sure that the Barrington jungle is staying alive, and although they seem happy in the office (we call it the 'plant hospital' up there...), we know they are also eagerly waiting for events to be back so they can decorate the bar and dance floor once again.


When we last shared pictures of the main arch, the glass front still needed some final touches. We now have a close-up to share with you of it completely finished, with a beautiful blue sky in the reflection. Take a look at the transformation below and let us know what you think!

We've come a long way...


Something's just arrived…

Our wonderful team has built a shower room in one of the railway arches across the courtyard, and we have a little sneak peek of what the tiles look like:

The railway arch where this shower room is situated is also being refurbished, and will remain a flexible and multi-use space. In the past, these arches have been used as storage units, motorcycle repair shops, etc… so we wanted to make sure that we maintain the flexibility they have always offered. After all, our hope is that all sorts of events and projects can benefit from this additional space. From photoshoots to meetings, we look forward to welcoming each and everyone of you.

And to the lovely couples who have booked our space for their wedding -we have kept you in mind too! You will also be able to use this railway arch, whether that’s using the shower room to get ready, creating a cloakroom for guests in the front of the arch, or keeping a little corner sectioned off for your wedding gifts, we hope you are as excited by these possibilities as we are!


Now if we exit this arch and take a left, we find ourselves in front of another railway arch. In this one there is an open plan space, which caterers will be able to set up in. It is really important to us that caterers have a good space in which to work, so that they can focus on creating their magic for your events. We are excited to say that good progress has also been made in here, not only are the walls now finished, but we have also gotten air con units installed. We are sure all caterers will be excited to find this out... They will never go cold, or have to work in sweltering heat (it can happen...) at Barrington.


Follow Pippa through as she reveals another little development that has had us pretty excited…

The new space might not be finished yet, but we can already see it…Dinner in the main room followed by a cocktail and a dance in this majestic and tall railway arch?

Here's to the good times that lay ahead🥂

We'll be back with more next week. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

-Barrington team x

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