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First week of November: Glass + concrete going in!!!

It's been an exciting week here at 100 Barrington, as some of the BIG transformations we've been working so hard on have finally happened!

The main arch is no longer at the mercy of the elements, as the frontage has had the glass put in above the glorious steel beams. Right below that the bifold doors were installed, AND out into the courtyard the concrete flooring is about to finally be poured in!

Have a look below to see what it looked like before the glass was put in:

And TA-DA! It was pretty incredible witnessing such big pieces of glass being inserted in the side of a double-height arch... we all felt very tiny looking up at it.

It’s made the arch look so grand, definitely something to see in person as pictures can’t do full justice... we’re so looking forward to showing you around as soon as lockdown ends and restrictions allow.


Do the new bifold doors look familiar?

The sleek black doors from the front of our building on Barrington road have been recreated and can now be seen in our new private courtyard.

You could say we’re staying on brand ...

There are still some final touches to be made, as black wooden cladding on the steel beams and around the framework will complete the look.

It’s really starting to look like less of a building site and more like a venue...

Well, things had to get worse before they got better, as the courtyard reached its peak ‘building site look’ when the flooring team started prepping the ground for the concrete to be poured in.

This was meant to be happening today (Friday 6th Nov) however the company ordered the wrong concrete and this was only discovered when the guys unloaded one of the lorries… Ah, we just had to laugh…It wouldn’t be building works without delays and small disasters here and there would it? So fingers crossed we will be sharing pictures of our brand new floor next week -we’ll keep you posted.

We’ve honestly been dreaming of the day we could share big changes like these with you all. We were so happy to hear from people over the last couple of months that they’ve still been looking out for updates on Instagram and the blog, and keeping excited about it all! The updates haven’t been many over the last month or so because they would’ve looked a lot like this:

Electrics, plumbing, building walls, etc... but now we’re getting back to the super exciting bits!

More updates next week when we’ll be able to share pictures of the flooring!

Have a lovely and safe weekend.

-Barrington team x

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