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January 2021: New year, new floor! +other updates

Happy (belated) New Year!

We are BACK and have some updates for you! We hope these will continue to bring some excitement to everyone who has booked their event with us, to our preferred partners, and to anyone simply interested in what we are up to. Here's to better times ahead!

The good news is that we are able to continue with the works throughout this lockdown, and thanks to our fantastic team of builders/joiners we have some pictures to share with you of the recent progress. So although we aren't on site at the moment we can keep these posts coming!

We are aiming to do some virtual viewings soon, but in the meantime, we hope our blog and Instagram updates will help you visualise our space.

We are still so excited to be sharing this journey with you and are so thankful for all the support/interest we have received since we started this project last year. So thank you!


First things first…

The concrete aggregate flooring is now finished! In case you haven’t seen our last blog post, this is what the courtyard looked like when the flooring team removed the old concrete…

But then the team prepped the area and poured in the new concrete. The next step was something called ‘floating the concrete’, and if like us you aren’t quite sure what that means, well it is basically the process of flattening and smoothing out the concrete (we’ve learned A LOT during these works). They then cut lines in to avoid cracking, and left it for 7 days before grinding….

Once the dust settled, we swept it away, and it revealed our brand new concrete aggregate floor!

A close up:


We also sent the template away for the zinc bar top, went back and forth between two different finishes, and then settled on one we think will look great in the arch. Fast forward a few weeks later, the finished bar top arrived back at Barrington which we will be unwrapping and revealing soon. We can’t wait for you to see it.


We are really excited to show you what we have done using some reclaimed scaffold.

These pieces of timber are being reused as cladding for the front of the arches and the doors in the main arch, which we think pair quite nicely with the autumnal colours of the brickwork. We are eager to know what you think, let us know!

And the work continues...

Have a good weekend everyone!

-The Barrington team xxx

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