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Week 10-13: Bespoke Bar, Beams, & Builders

Where has summer gone?! We can’t believe it’s already mid-September… We’ve been super busy on site these last few weeks so updates have been a bit scarce…but the progress continues! To be completely honest, as you all know building works often overrun (big sigh…) and we have had a few delays over the last few weeks. Fear not, we are still making progress and some of our original ideas have developed into bigger and better ones… good things take time, right?

In case you didn’t catch last week’s updates on our Instagram stories, you can see it all below:

We’re making progress in the double-height arch, as our team of builders continue creating our bespoke bar. They have also put the doors in where the two main spaces will join, these can be pinned back throughout events so you and your guests can flow from the main room to the arch.

In our last blog post, you would’ve seen that we started building the walls for a toilet in the arch below, which we decided to move to the back of the arch instead so that this space can remain completely open plan, maximizing its flexibility.

Our welders have put the steel beams in:


This Friday morning was off to a great start, as we received a very special delivery! These pharmacy cabinets were made in Old Street in the 1940s, and have now returned back to London...

Ready to be used in their new dispensary:

It's kind of crazy to think about the life these antique cabinets had before arriving in Brixton...Once in a pharmacy in the 40s and now a part of this railway arch. We know they'll look stunning behind our bar...we can't wait to show you it once it's all in place.


Additionally, ramps have been put in where the main arch meets the courtyard area, as our venue will continue to have disabled access throughout.

And an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jose, one of our super-skilled builders, whose birthday it is on Sunday!!! He’s been on the Barrington building site since day 1, so an appreciation post is definitely long overdue…Thanks for all your hard work Jose!

We promise we won't leave you without updates for this long, back next week with more!

Have a lovely weekend.

-Barrington team x

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