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Week 2: Making Progress!


Week 2 was a week of decision making, lunch breaks in the sunshine, burst water pipes, and lots of early starts!

Our wonderful venue manager, Pippa, arrives at the construction site in style, and ready to oversee all the works (have we mentioned yet that she's also project managing this?!)

We've continued stripping out internal walls in the railway arches, and have also made a big decision to keep the exposed brick in all of them. We were crossing all our fingers that this would be possible, the brickwork is just too beautiful to cover up and really adds a rustic charm.

Another plan that continues to evolve is the pergola design! We can already see it...people enjoying their cocktails under the pergola on a warm summer's eve, the festoon lights are on...or even on a cold December's day and the pergola looks like a winter wonderland...

We're very excited about this, it will be an amazing space for you and your guests!

As great of a week as it's been, it certainly wasn't without its challenges... like the concerning sound of a waterfall coming from one of the arches. Some old water pipes had burst and the arch was flooded, as you can all imagine it was a long day!!

But here is a little video of the good mood on-site (pre-burst water pipes):

We've also removed the old roof from what used to be a car wash area in the back of the courtyard, and have begun fitting the new timbers. You can spot this in the video below as we walk you through one of the arches and into our outside space:

More updates coming later this week!

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