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Week 3: The brickwork is getting a (H.U.G.E) make-over

First, we just want to say a quick thanks to everyone who’s been following our little blog and Instagram page so far, it feels really great to know that people are interested in what we’re doing and getting as excited as we are about our big plans!

Now for some updates…

We had all our fingers and toes crossed last week that we’d be able to keep the exposed brickwork in all of our arches. We needed approval first that the bricks could actually withstand sandblasting, as it could do more damage than good otherwise! We had quite a big day upon us, a day of inspection and patch testing, to determine whether we could go ahead or would have to rethink our plans…

Great news is we were given the green light!

The sandblasting process has started, which will remove years of paint, rejuvenating the brickwork and restoring its original beauty. This is quite a lengthy process but definitely worth it. We already can’t wait to show you the before/after photos.


The pergola plans are evolving day by day, and during week 3 we decided to mark out the roofing structure in the courtyard…

This time-lapse video was too good not to turn into a silent film and share with you guys, please enjoy Pippa & Jose going up & down ladders:

Follow Pippa as she takes you on a walk through our courtyard and reveals a few more exciting new details, as well as revealing the space that will become the caterers' area.

More exciting updates coming very soon!

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