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Week 4: Brick blasting, bar building, dancefloor developing

We can't believe it has already been over a month since we started our expansion works! We've made a lot of progress in just four weeks: the arches are fully stripped out and the brick blasting is going…full blast… The pergola design is developing nicely and we are about to start refurbishing our tall courtyard gates.

If you've been wondering about the layout of the new space, especially where the dance floor and bar will be situated, these pictures are for you! The next few pictures and the video are of the double-height railway arch that is connected to the main room and will become an additional area for you and your guests to celebrate!

There will be a bar in the corner which will be there for you to stock as you desire, with our hanging plants above it of course, and the rest of the room will transform into a dance floor. We know it’s a bit difficult to imagine this in its current state, but we are confident that our bar will be a lovely feature in the space and that this arch will be perfect for music and dancing.

We'll be going over the design of the bar and making sure we create something that is both stylish and practical, and will be sharing these details with you along the way... so keep your eyes peeled as there will be an amazing bar cropping up in that far left corner.


There used to be an old car wash area at the other end of our courtyard, which as you can see in the picture below we have stripped out and have begun building a roof for it. These spaces have lived numerous lifetimes, with many different uses throughout the years, and serving so many people well. The chance for our team to breathe new life into them once again is hugely exciting (and a bit of an honour!)

And here is a closer look at the brickwork in the railway arches, before the sandblasting team work their magic:

More videos and photos coming later this week! We hope you are all enjoying the warm weather and keeping safe and healthy!

Barrington team x

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