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Week 5: The progress continues...

Week #5 may have been a little on the grey side, but we definitely started it the right way… with Pippa’s ridiculously tasty homemade shortbread biscuits!

These are very popular around here, and have practically fuelled us through the week!

Many tea breaks later...

Here is a little video to show you where things are at on the Barrington construction site:

We're very happy to say that one of the arches is now fully sandblasted, and our hardworking team is now able to start work in the next one! It’s been super messy but SO worth the effort.


The old car wash area which was stripped out last month now has a lovely roof. This car-parking space will be super convenient for us and can be used for load-in/out for all of your events (so no need to worry about parking permits now!)

We sought out the advice and expertise of the amazing Rudy, who has worked many events here in the past and graced our previous bar with his tasty cocktails.

He has loads of experience in the hospitality industry, so his advice combined with the expertise of our joiner made for a super productive hour of discussing the specifics for our new bar.

We really cannot wait to show you the finished product!

And we weren’t going to forget about our gates, even they are getting a massive and much-needed makeover. Having grown a bit old and tired over the years, these will now become a shiny, polished, and welcoming entrance into our new courtyard.

Here is part 1 of the transformation:

More updates coming later this week!

PS- We have a brand new brochure with our updated pricing, what's included, etc... so don't hesitate to get in touch to find out more about hiring our space!

-Barrington team x

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Jul 02, 2020

Looks great

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