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Week 6: Brickwork reveal!

Week #6 was a week of working (and blogging) in the sunshine!

As you may have noticed over the past weeks, having this brickwork sandblasted and finally being able to see the main arch in it's full and rustic glory is something we've been hugely excited about. Years and years worth of paint (plus paint over the top of more paint!) is about to be removed for good, so, sit back and let me guide you through this oddly therapeutic process!

The majority of the railway arch was as you see above, with a couple of layers of black/faded grey paint covering the original brickwork.

Below you can watch the process unfold, and already you start to see all of those beautiful bricks starting to peek through.

Have a little look through this gallery for a closer look at the bricks showing through after the wash process.

AND HERE IT IS! Such an amazing surprise to see so many different coloured bricks hidden away! With an almost autumnal array of browns, dark reds, oranges and yellows being revealed by the end of the process, we're SO excited to see this beautiful archway come to life once all of your events are eventually able to take place within it.

And here is a little video of the sandblasting in action:

We can't wait to share more details with you and unveil the rest of our plans for this railway arch!

More updates coming next week...

Have a great weekend!

-Barrington Team x

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