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Week 7: Breaking through!

As the clouds of dust begin to settle, and the sandblasting finally comes to an end, the hard work of our brick blasters (who've been on site for over 6 weeks now!) and their amazing restoration of these beautiful railway arches is really beginning to shine through. The brick is now fully exposed, and has shed years worth of old paint and vegetation. It won't be long now before we're able to move onto the work that's waiting for us inside of these wonderful arches!

Here is a little video with some Week 7 updates from our venue manager (and project manager!), Pippa:

Brick blasting the front of the arches:

As you might have read in a previous post, we are creating an open-plan space in one of the arches for our wonderful partners to create their magic in. Our builders have started working on the partitions for this area, so very soon we will be able to show you the layout and size of this space. We seriously cannot wait for our caterers to come by and see the completed arch!!


We’ve also started knocking through from the main room into the adjoining railway arch, which is super exciting! This will have a fantastic impact on the overall space, and the flow from one area to another. 

There will be two entryways from the main room into the arch, for guests to go from the dining area to the dance floor and the bar, and caterers to flow in and out, it’s so exciting to have officially broken through the wall that separated these two spaces.


We said we would share every detail with you… so, this includes the not-so-good developments as well… We arrived on site recently to find what looked quite frankly like giant puddles of custard all over the floor of this arch! Except these puddles could not be wiped away with a mop. We were getting the flooring in this arch ground down to an even surface, and with some areas proving too rough and uneven to work with, they had to be filled with sealant. This product was meant to remain transparent as it dries and hardens but instead turned yellow.

Fingers crossed the team arriving on Monday will salvage this... more updates on this situation next week!

-Barrington Team x

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