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Week 8: We've started building!!

It's hard to believe that more than TWO MONTHS have passed since we began these refurbishment/expansion works, and honestly, we have made tremendous progress. The sandblasting of the brickwork in our arches is completely finished, which means our builders are now able to get into these arches and start building!

This week our builders have continued constructing the framework within the arches across the courtyard. These will become the partitions for our amazing spaces, which we're so excited to eventually show you all -one of which we’ve already mentioned, the open-plan space for caterers! As soon as these separate areas begin to take shape we'll be sure to have a big reveal so stay tuned!!

As you can see in the pictures below, we've created spaces for the windows, and have started boarding it as well. The whole team is getting really excited about finally being able to create these new areas, as up until now these arches have been kept empty so that the brickwork could be transformed back to its original, beautiful state.


The main archway you see above has had its concrete mix laid out, and whilst the flooring in this arch was being put in, the flooring in the arch across the courtyard has seen yet another disastrous attempt at repairing the rough patches and yellow custard puddles (see previous post...)

Hopefully this is the final setback we'll see in this arch, and thankfully we're now waiting to hear back on exactly how best we can remove these eyesores! Fingers crossed we will find this out next week.

Besides that, we're very happy to say that we are still on track, and absolutely loving being able to see the progress that's being made.

-Barrington team xx

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Jul 31, 2020

Looks amazing. Looking forward to the opening night

All the best

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