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Week 9: Meet Benji + more progress

100 Barrington has a new little helper!!! Mr. Benjamin Barrington, Benji for short (or Trouble for those who know him) is now a part of the family. He's been running around inspecting the premises, and already owning this place and stealing all of our hearts.

It's been a very productive week, our builders have made huge progress on the two arches across the courtyard! As these partitions are building up so is excitement!!!

Have a little look through the pictures below to see what they've been up to:


The open plan catering space is coming along nicely, our builders are continuing to build the partitions and have started on the walls for the loo, which will be for the catering team and bar staff.


There is now an additional entrance into our space….a (now not-so) secret door has been inserted into our shiny black gates. This new side entrance is super exciting news for anyone who would love their guests to arrive into the courtyard first, for the drinks reception for example, and to then guide people through the big railway arch and into the main room for a big reveal of the dining area, etc… Just one of many ideas for the way you and your guests can flow between our spaces. We are so happy to offer the option of entering through our gates and into a lovely courtyard area with festoons, a pergola, and loads of plants… can you also already envision it?!

Our welders don’t just weld, they have many other talents...including acrobatics:

You could say our welders are flipping great 😉

And we're off! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

More updates next week...

-Barrington team x

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