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Week 1: It's finally happening!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

A lot of you may already know that our expansion and refurbishment plans have been in the works since…well…a long time! We can't believe we finally get to make this announcement: It's finally happening!!!

We’ll be posting weekly updates on here about everything that's going on, so you can check on the progress and witness our plans come to life. From the knocking down and stripping out, to the well-deserved tea breaks and the fitting of new timber, we want to share it all with you guys.

Whether you have been waiting for this announcement for as long as we have, or you have just recently discovered us and are curious about our plans, we are thrilled to take you all on this journey with us!


It’s week 1 of the works over at 100 Barrington, the sun is shining, and we're raring to go!

This week, our team has been stripping these beautiful old buildings back to their bare bones. By knocking out the facades and stripping out the internal walls, the original brickwork of these railway arches is now fully exposed and ready to be injected with some TLC.

What currently looks like abandoned space is about to have its beauty restored and become useful once again -we can already tell it will be a great transformation to witness.

These areas will be an amazing addition to what we offer, and we will be unraveling all the details over the course of the summer. The first thing we'll say is...there will be a new space for our wonderful partners to create their magic for your event!


We have also had to completely empty out one of our arches (there was quite a lot of stuff in there…big thanks to our venue security team for helping us move things around!) so we can then start stripping out and removing existing partition walls.

It’s now really starting to look like a construction site… Videos coming very soon!

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