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Mid-April: Chandelier REVEAL!

We have a VERY exciting update for you this week…our mother-of-pearl chandelier has arrived!!!!

From the first moment we saw it we knew that it was PERFECT for the space. With a diameter of 1.5 meters and 1,892 shells, this chandelier has been specially designed and created for our double-height railway arch.

Here it is.....

These glistening mother-of-pearls will be gracing the top of the arch, complementing all of the other elements that make up this space, like the exposed brickwork, reclaimed scaffold, and glass frontage. It feels like it completes the atmosphere that we are aiming to create in there, but is also a feature in itself -cocktails under the chandelier anyone?

All the shells were hand-stitched together using 1,892 silver links, and none of these links were purchased, each and every one of them is handmade! So much care, dedication, and time has gone into this chandelier, it is truly special, to say the least.


Here’s Pippa taking us through to the railway arch for a sneak peek at how we are preparing for its installation…Monday will be a very big day on site!!!

The guys have been hard at work, some serious preparations are happening...

We can’t wait to share the installation process with you and show you it majestically hanging down in the arch on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Barrington team xxx

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